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    10 Hilarious Office April Fools Pranks

    You spend almost half of your waking life with them, so it’s good to have some fun with your work mates every so often. And with April Fools day sadly falling at the weekend this year, we’ve tracked down some of the greatest office April Fools Day pranks from years past for your viewing pleasure.

    1. Every office needs a little greenery

    Credit: wetwebwork

    2. And a little more colour wouldn’t hurt either …

    Credit: willebeth

    3. Made famous by the classic UK TV show The Office, the “stapler in jelly” doubles as a good laugh and a morning snack

    Credit: Cole Ewert

    4. The Catch of the Week

    Our clients Egmont Seafoods have become famous for their brilliant April Fools social media posts. Check out this whopper they reeled in a couple of years back.

    5. The prank that keeps your colleagues’ best interests at heart (parents, take note)

    Credit: Gongleg

    6. Great if you’re away on leave in Tahiti and you want to remind your team that you’re thinking of them

    Credit: shock6906

    7. This is precisely what they had in mind when they invented the Post It note

    Credit: Bzbzbzbz

    8. Warning: Choose your victim wisely … preferably not Kylie from accounts whose been taking the kickboxing classes every morning

    Credit: Imgur

    9. This is a great tool for office psychometric testing. Who will risk it? Is it for real? How hungry are you, really?

    Credit: Blinhorst

    10. Great workplaces incorporate many of the comforts of home … is this too much?

    Credit: Twenty Two Words

    11. Finally, not an office prank, but possibly the best end result from a simple visit to the water fountain

    Credit: Imgur

    Happy April Fools Day everyone. And be sure to share a laugh or two with your team mates this week.