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Annalese Sharrock

Annalese Sharrock Strategic Director

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    90 Days in New Plymouth

    Just 90 Days ago I moved to New Plymouth from the ‘un cool’ city, the Tron, to join the creative team at Strategy Collective.

    It amazed me how easy everything was, not only was I offered bedrooms from my soon-to-be colleagues, they told me good areas to live, where to find free parking and who has the best sushi. This is a massive help when you are moving to a new city by yourself and you don’t know a soul.

    For the past few years I have been working in Hamilton as a Graphic Designer, getting my hands on everything ‘brand’ I can. My passion has always been branding, hospitality & retail in particular. When Craig reached out to me just months ago I thought I may as well check it out, I must admit I had barely considered moving to New Plymouth at this point. I had a good job, a better half, I was close to my family and I liked the size of the city. I arrived in New Plymouth to meet the Strategy Collective team and I was surprised how welcome everyone made me feel. Beers with the boys, a quick tour around the city and an afternoon walk along beach, I wanted to call this home.

    Before I moved here I would get New Plymouth confused with Palmerston North on a regular basis. In fact, when I was offered the job I remember ringing my partner saying “Guess who’s moving to Palmy!” Now every weekend I go home I am welcomed with a genuine “How is Palmy?” from my family and friends, something I wouldn’t have cared less about 3 months ago but is now beginning to wear thin. #NP4lyf

    I was a little concerned about moving to a smaller town. I thought I would not be able to meet people easily and there would be a lack of diversity within my work. Turns out I was completely wrong, I have met so many great people in the last 90 days, we even put a netball team together, and Strategy Collective have heaps of awesome work on the go.

    After living here, even for just a short while, it was obvious how underrated New Plymouth is. It is isolated in comparison to anywhere else I have ever lived but this is all part of its charm. There is something humbling about waking up to see the ocean every morning and I really don’t mind my 4 minute commute to work.

    Although 80% of my perspective of New Plymouth is based on the young talent that yell obscenities outside the library, I really do enjoy and appreciate this city. When I first arrived here I could not stop taking photos as I was overwhelmed by how much character the streets had. Below are some of my snaps over the past 90 days, yes – most of them are food related, which show you a little bit of my experience here so far.

    np-trish-days-1-29 np-trish-days-30-59 np-trish-days-60-90