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    7 Simple Blogging Tips for Non-Writers

    Being asked to write a blog post at work can spark all sorts of nasty flashbacks to days at school fretting over 1000-word essays. But, never fear, we’re here with 7 easy tips for making blogging easy … and even fun!

    1. Less is Always More

    Don’t aim to hit a certain word count. Instead, aim for an economy of words that makes your message as easy as possible to digest quickly online.

    2. Keep It Casual

    While we’re on the topic of using fewer words, opt for fewer letters as well. Why use “remuneration” when “pay” gets the job done? Your ideas are what people have come to the blog for, not your large vocabulary. So, save that incredible internal thesaurus for your lunchtime crosswords!

    3. The Bullet Point is Your Friend

    I know your English teacher told you not to use headings and bullets, but your maths teacher also told you to not use a calculator—do you still follow that rule? No. By far the best way of not only creating fast content online but also making it quickly digestible is to break it into bullets or catchy headings with short explanatory paragraphs beneath each … as I’m doing right now.

    4. Use Pictures, GIFs and Videos

    Wherever you can, support your words with visuals. On this note, Giphy.com and Unsplash.com can become your best friends—and they’re free! Plus, consider utilising Facebook Live to record video versions of your blog and then embedding that video post into your written blog.

    5. Start With Empathy

    Notice at the start of this blog how I attempted to catch your attention by connecting to an emotion that we all felt in high school? A quick line of empathy, that shows you understand the struggle of your reader and that you have the way out of that struggle, is a great structure to follow in any sort of online copy writing.

    6. Edit, Cull, Chop

    Let your writing stand in draft form for 24 hours, then attack it with the editing scissors trying to cut out about 50% of the words. Be ruthless and cut it back to your core message only.

    7. Focus on the Heading!

    This is where copy writers make their money. You need to honestly hook people in so they make that all-important link click. Once there, if you’ve followed the above, they should stick around. But if they don’t arrive in the first place then all is lost anyway!

    Happy blogging everyone!

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    Photo by Brent Gorwin on Unsplash