Dirty International


Some say the best decisions are made with friends especially if you have had one to many cocktails. That certainly is true with the case of Dirty International. A new product to market inspired by love of cocktails and good food. Dirty International Olive Brine is sourced from Hawkes Bay’s award-winning Telegraph Hill Olivary. Dirty International Olive Brine is strong and robust with a delicious olive flavour.



Its safe to say here at Strategy Collective we love working with start-ups. Simple ideas set to take on the world and they need our help to create a brand and marketing strategy and develop packaging, website and ongoing marketing collateral. It’s imperative that we start with a discovery session to uncover all the ideas and stories that led to Dirty Internationals desire to create a product. This discovery session allows us to understand the business, the product and the people behind the brand. From here we are able to generate a creative brief that ensures we have the ability to create a brand that will set itself apart in the market and connect to the target audience as well as the business owners.

Dirty Internationals Identity was evolved. The process of visual branding creation often starts with the logo design. Dirty International is a long name so we had to consider the high readability of the logo which meant developing a visual icon to pair with the logo name. Lola the female drinking the cocktail and holding the spoon was born. She encompassed the modern women, but was edgy.  The designer offered the colour combinations to help deliver a boldness.  Once the logo packaging and illustration design was approved we moved into designing the website, product photography and a launch strategy to send out product and images to hospitality industry, foodies and key magazines.



Dirty International was launched in April 2021. Stockists are growing and they are available online. Key magazines have heroed Dirty International and as a focus for Strategy Collective it is to check in with them as they continue to grow and aid in collateral when and if needed.


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