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Paul Sinclair and Lesley Kennedy co-owners of OnlyFromNZ met with us via Zoom in lockdown. They wanted an agency that would create them a website to showcase distinctive NZ brands on a marketplace for GCC retailers. Their history and passion for working with companies and organisations in the GCC and helping NZ businesses thrive and export meant their focus for the launch of their online marketplace was to increase return for New Zealand producers and allow international consumers the chance to purchase these products and services.



The OnlyFromNewZealand website has launched  and allows GCC retailers to create an account, request a sample and generate commercial orders. OFNZ work in the background to discover new artisan producers, create a relationship and ensure their products are authentic, manufactured ethically and trusted. The website has built a vibrant community online for passionate NZ and GCC business owners. A place where NZ artisans and GCC retailers can discover connect and trade online with Paul and Lesley’s personalised service and experience. As Strategy Collective designed and oversaw development of the website a close working relationship has developed. Paul and Lesley are committed to taking their own products online and we continue to work with them and support design and marketing needs.


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