PetBrew is a New Zealand product made right here in New Zealand. Used to support your pets digestive system. It prides itself on helping create a natural product that can enhance recovery for a range of gastrointestinal and immune system related disorders. Pet Brew believe that there is nothing quite like it not just in New Zealand but the world.

Premium Pet Food Trading Company who are based in China and USA believe this too. That is why they partnered with Pet Brew New Zealand who wanted to take Pet Brew and a range of Pet Snacks made right here in New Zealand to the chinese customer.

They approached our brand and marketing team, to design an enchanting packaging line a captivating webiste and help showcase the best of New Zealand pet food to the Chinese consumer.

In its current format the Pet Brew brand and packaging needed an overhaul. The project aimed not only to delight pet ownders but inspire an emotional connection and ensure that the brand focused heavily on it being made and produced in New Zealand.


Phase 1: Conceptualizing Pet Brew Brand

Objective: Our first step was to delve into the essence of Pet Brew, unraveling the brand’s story. Through brainstorming sessions with the team in China and New Zealand and some market research, we discovered that Pet Brew’s magic lay in its ability to highlight the New Zealandness of the brand.

Creative Solution: We created a captivating narrative revolving around “A bowl full of New Zealand’s Best. This worked well with heroing the unique properties ingrediants and formula that makes this pet food and brew something else. Whilst also showcasing New Zealand and being able to showcase to the Chinese consumer that all ingrediants are made and sourced right here in Aotearoa.


Phase 2: Designing the Packaging for Pet Brew

Objective: To create packaging that would showcase New Zealand but showing how the different product flavours across the range of pet snacks could be achieved.

Creative Solution: Our design team infused the packaging with elements that are uniquely New Zealand. We utilised rich natural colors, and selectied natural landscape photos by adding a treatment to these it helped the packaging have an enchanting New Zealand vibe. Each flavor boasted its own colour scheme.


Phase 3: Building the Website

Objective: The website needed to act as a brochure site for the Chinese consumer. Activity and marketing will be completed in China. However if the chinese consumer wanted to check and ensure that our products stand true and are produced and developed here we needed to showcase the story of Pet Brew. A replica site with e-commerce will be built in Chinese also.



The launch of Pet Brew’s new packaging, website, and photography was an awesome jorney to undertake with Ben, Greg and Andre. They now have a brand and product line that will launch in the Chinese market in 2023. The journey with the team has stretched three different countries and timezones but we have manged to build a strong relationship and deliver an exciting brand. The collaboration between our creative agency and Pet Brew stands as a testament to the power of storytelling and creativity in building captivating brands.


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