Symons and Strategy Collective have been working together for many years launching exciting recruitment campaigns, building brand awareness and general graphic design. Symons Group are passionate, forward-thinking, and innovative in their approach. Their vision aligns closely with ours creating a synergy which helps to drive the trucking industry forward with market first campaigns.

Two recent products we have been working on with Symons Group are recruitment drives for their Institute of Transport Program and Move the Milk. Symons have the trucks, the contracts, the expertise and know how… They just need the right drivers at the right time of the year and that’s where through creative concepts and a little bit out-there thinking, we help to play matchmaker through targeted social media ads and pr.

These campaigns have produced incredible results with over 100,000 people reached in key locations across New Zealand with truck driving attributes and ambitions. We drove over 5,000 clicks through to Symons Group landing pages where potential candidates could find out further information or apply now.


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