Taranaki Mounga

Brand Touch-points:

Taranaki Mounga is an ambitious conservation project which aims to transform the mountain, ranges and islands of Taranaki back to their former glory (in alignment with the Government’s Predator Free New Zealand by 2050 strategy).

Strategy Collective were engaged by the team to spread the word about this incredible work. 


We used the medium of video to story-tell — engaging the audience with stunning visuals and compelling stories of the work Taranaki Mounga does with the help of volunteers and partner organisations.

Our intrepid videographer traversed Taranaki, creating six bite-sized interview videos that showcase the wide variety of work related to Taranaki Mounga’s restoration projects.

We re-designed Taranaki Mounga’s website — using the principles of UX and UI to make sure each visitor’s experience was as engaging and satisfying as possible.





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