Wai Mānuka Easter Campaign


Wai Mānuka Sparkling Water is a premium non-alcoholic beverage made in Aotearoa. Wai Mānuka is best enjoyed with friends and whanau no matter the occasion. Celebrations, get togethers, dinner parties or sitting around the campfire, the delicious mānuka infused sparkling drink with a touch of lemon is a perfect thirst quencher.

As a new brand still establishing retail and wholesale relationships, getting people to taste and sample their drinks are challenging in a covid environment where in-store activations have been off the table, have made getting in-front of new audiences and keen shoppers difficult. Wai Mānuka needed a sales boost and to further generate brand awareness in key urban locations across NZ.


Tasked with generating sales over Easter period to an audience of consumers seeking healthier, non-alcoholic beverages required some creative targeting and slick messaging, as well as the right incentive to drive consumer action.


The digital campaign ran for 4 weeks focused on the Easter public holidays. Using a combination of Facebook & Instagram Ads, and ads across Google Search, Google Display and Performance Max, we delivered the following results:

  • Sales increased by 45% (vs 4 weeks prior)
  • Orders increased by 205% (vs 4 weeks prior)
  • Website visitors increased by 72% (vs 4 weeks prior)
  • Conversion rate increased by 64% (vs 4 weeks prior)
  • Over 90% of orders during campaign were from first-time customers

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