Brand Touch-points:

Kotare Station is nestled within one of New Zealand’s most remote and rugged landscapes. The team visited Mt Damper Falls and were taken on a tour of Glenn and Wendy’s property and a discovery session ensued. Glenn and Wendy are passionate about making honey and it had been their craft for more than 35 years. Kotare Station was purchased by the couple in the last 10 years and although a thriving honey business the brand, story, website and content were all missing.

Our team met with Glenn and Wendy and initially did a discovery session, finding out the context for their business and understanding their vision and mission. From here we developed an outline for a progressive marketing strategy and identified a creative brief and set to work looking at naming and how this would translate. With a core part of their business in export it was imperative we told the New Zealand story. Key themes were generated thinking about the product, the land and the flavour. Their honey came from their remote terrain and from an abundance of native including Kamahi, Rawarewa, Rata and Mānuka and with this the name WildGift was created.

Wild encompasses the wild native that help inform the flavour. The gift informs the untouched corner and that the flavour is pure, rich and quintessentially kiwi. By confirming the name in the first stages of the process we were able to build the visuals and accompanying copy around the identity. The honey needed to feel premium the colour gold is heroed in the logo and transcends back to the rich honey colour. Black to align with New Zealand and the khaki green and maroon red help provide the natural hues to the green and red of the landscape at Kotare station.

Brand story, copy, photography and video were all created to sit on website and showcase the story and journey WildGift is on. It was important to show Wendy and Glenn as the landowners and that the website showcased the provenance and the people as well as the product.


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