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    How to Build Great Teams

    The secret to succeeding in business is go karts. Yes, go karts. Well, okay, it’s go karts or adventure races, after work drinks, strategy sessions, charity days, pub quiz nights, and anything else that creates meaningful connections to build better work teams.

    Research tells us that team building increases employee engagement and also that engaged employees are more productive employees—to the extent that engaged, productive employees increase profitability by 200% compared to disengaged employees. With real figures like that to back it up, suddenly team building shifts from the traditional image of cheesy trust falls to become something that might just transform the future of your business.

    People often cringe at the thought of team building—David Brent comes to mind (see below)—however, modern team building is more connected to business goals and engaging or re-inspiring the team.

    What might this look like? We recently had a brilliant night out of go karts, but here are some more ideas:

    • Aligning team objectives to the strategic plan. Give your team the opportunity to have input and buy-in to what you are trying to achieve as a business.
    • Team culture check-ins. These are facilitated discussions designed to gain a real temperature gauge on team culture, what we are doing well and what we could do better. This can be held at anytime but especially important when it feels like things are a little off track.
    • Team building activities, like go karting. These provide opportunities for the team to get together and have fun and build relationships.
    • Or a mixture of all three.

    So, why should this team building be facilitated and scheduled? Won’t it just happen naturally in a positive work environment?

    By scheduling and blocking out time to focus on building your team, you can create an environment outside of ‘normal work’ so that your people can relax and have the time to benefit from taking a birds’ eye view of the business they work so hard in day-after-day. Bringing in an outside facilitator allows you, as the owner or manager, to participate with your team and frees your team up to feel like everyone can contribute on an equal footing.

    A neutral facilitator can often get to the heart of the issues and push your team further—and helps to take out the awkward factor that David Brent displays so painfully below!

    Our People & Culture team can organise and facilitate any team building initiative for you. Give Kimberley a bell to discuss possibilities: 06 759 7044 (+4) or email

    Watch the video below with Kimberley Leighton and Hayden Shearman as they explore the benefits of team building and how it might look in your business.

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