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    Congrats, Ozone! 20 Years of Deliciousness

    We’re immensely proud of the success of our clients and Ozone Coffee is one of those special local success stories that has gone far beyond Taranaki to have a truly global reach.

    As a bit of background, the incredible global reach of Ozone includes:

    • the coffee growers that Ozone works closely with to ensure not only great coffee but a great lifestyle for the farmers and their families;
    • the cafes and restaurants in New Zealand and the UK who use Ozone beans and are supported with espresso machines, barista training and business guidance;
    • the customers who can have the full coffee experience at both the London and New Plymouth cafes, with great food and roasting happening in front of them as they sip their morning flat white.

    In 1998, Ozone Coffee Roasters started life in New Plymouth with a drive to create excellent coffee with a focus on family culture and the building of meaningful relationships from source to shop. Since then it has grown to become one of the key suppliers of wholesale coffee in the North Island as well as in London’s growing speciality coffee market.

    This year, Ozone welcomed UK company Has Bean Coffee into its family. Has Bean shares Ozone’s DNA and will help Ozone both expand its sources of supply and also extend its distribution networks further into the European market.

    We caught up with Ozone Chief Executive Karla Gichard to dig deeper into what has made Ozone so successful and what’s in the pipeline:

    In celebrating 20 years, what has been the secret to success in New Zealand’s competitive coffee market?
    “There are about 300 roasters in New Zealand. But, since 1998, we have achieved consecutive annual growth every year, which is pretty exciting in such a competitive market.

    “It comes down to the full service we provide our wholesale clients. We don’t just supply coffee; we supply everything from espresso machines right through to barista training and coaching for competitions and support for café management as well.”

    Ozone is known for its focus on the beans and where they come from, how has this come about?
    “We take a lot of care in how we source our ingredients. In both New Zealand and the UK, the sourcing of coffee is a key part of what we do. We have strong relationships with producers. Our roasters travel to origin frequently to meet with the farmers to make sure they have sustainable practices so that we can be really confident that the coffee not only tastes great but is great for the farmer and their families too.”

    When did Ozone launch in London and was it a roaring success from the start?
    “Ozone Coffee London opened the roastery and restaurant in March 2012. It’s been part of the growth of the London and UK specialty coffee markets.

    “However, the first day we opened the doors in London it was slower than expected. But now at weekends we have queues out the door for the restaurant and we are roasting at full capacity.”

    So, what has made London so successful? 
    “We focus on providing customers with a great experience. When someone walks in the door they’re immersed in the coffee experience. The roaster is on the ground floor and they can see roasting happening while they’re enjoying great food.

    “The food offering is quite different to a lot of UK cafes and restaurants. It’s very brunch style, all day menu—very much New Zealand-inspired but with some key London influences as well.”

    The next step for Ozone is to launch a 4000-square-foot site in Auckland, when did this enter the pipeline and what can we expect? 
    “Auckland has been in the pipeline for about two years. It came down to finding the right site that had that real community feel.

    “The site in Grey Lynn (18 Westmoreland Street West) offers the chance to really be part of that community. We’re opening in January 2019 and it will have a roaster on site, roasting both single origin and blends. We will also have a larger scale café and restaurant with a full menu offering, open seven days.”


    Congrats, Ozone Coffee, on this big milestone!

    We’ve known for years that you’ve been roasting the tastiest beans around and we’re stoked to see that more of the world will be experiencing the Ozone magic!

    Visit Ozone Coffee at: 

    • 47A King Street, New Plymouth, New Zealand
    • 18 Westmoreland Street West, Grey Lynn, Auckland, New Zealand (from January 2019)
    • 11 Leonard St, London EC2A 4LW, UK

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