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    Culture, Doughnuts & Speed Dating


    With the lure of Public Catering Donuts, the team at Strategy Collective were recently brought together to discuss an important issue – our workplace culture!

    In between mouthfuls, we discussed what was important to us, what we enjoyed about working at Strategy Collective, what makes us unique, and what we want to do differently in the future.

    By doing this session we were reminded of the level of expertise we have in our team, and the level of respect we have for each other. We also took some helpful learnings and action points away for areas that we recognised we could improve on. For example; we realised that as a collective we could better understand each other’s roles, so we decided to implement a ‘coffee with colleagues’ initiative, where we have a coffee date once a fortnight with a colleague who we do not normally work closely with and get to know each other’s roles a bit better. Effectively we will have ‘dated’ the whole office by the end of the year.

    Workplace culture is made up of the unwritten rules and way things are done in the workplace. It’s the way people communicate with each other, it’s the way the leaders interact with their staff, it’s the policies and procedures, it’s the systems and work environment, it’s the recruitment processes you have in place, it’s whether people socialise and have their lunch together, it’s whether people feel safe to ask questions, and it’s whether people go home early on a Friday. It is everything about the character and personality of your organisation. It’s what makes your organisation unique and is the sum of its values, traditions, beliefs, interactions, behaviours, and attitudes.

    Here at Strategy Collective we have a number of small traditions that contribute to a great workplace culture, like on your birthday you have to bring the cake – no morning tea shout for you, sucker! Or how our email chains get out of hand with memes and odd comments from Dad Joke King, Stephen Hill that no one ever understands. We have a Team Toolbox once a week where someone has to provide morning tea (otherwise none of us would show up) and we all talk about what’s on the cards for each department. And of course, Friday afternoon drinks at the bar.

    The culture of a workplace is important for so many reasons. It can empower or disempower your employees, it can motivate or demotivate them. A good workplace culture can impact your brand reputation and can attract and retain the very best talent to your workforce. It can influence people’s job satisfaction, their wellbeing, their engagement in their job, and their productivity, which in turn impacts the businesses overall financial performance. So of course, it should be considered as an important part of your overall business strategy.

    Here at Strategy Collective we found it hugely worthwhile to take a moment to come together to re-align our thinking and remember our overall purpose and what we are passionate about. It seems doughnuts and food are a big part of our culture 😉

    We would also encourage other businesses to take that time, to get together as a team and discuss what is important – your workplace culture!

    Our exceptional HR team at Strategy Collective can help your business establish or re-align your workplace culture. We can now also offer psychological assessment to identify the current state of your workplace culture and to evaluate the effectiveness of your workplace culture strategies. Get in touch with Sophie or Christina today to discuss what we can do for your workplace.