Erica Perry

Mustard Fridays Season Two

Education support worker and community ambassador, Erica Perry always puts people first and loves helping others.

Her goal is to make things more accessible around town for disabled people and is actively working with various groups and committees to make this happen.

Being a goal driven person who loves to get out there and just do, Erica set the mammoth task of completing a half marathon. She started slowly building up bit by bit, with community support, and the help of her personal trainer she set her mind to overcome any obstacles in her way.

“Don’t let disabilities stop you. If you put your mind to it and you have the confidence to do it, then just go for it” says Erica.

Mustard Fridays is a mini documentary series showcasing people in our local community doing awesome things. The impact they are making definitely cuts the mustard, so we are keen as mustard to share their stories.
Watch the entire Mustard Fridays series here.

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