Erika Flash

Mustard Fridays Season Three.

Erika Flash is powerful, confident and fabulous. Not afraid to stomp down the street with six inch high heels and yell at people with a cheeky wink and Rawr. 

Daniel has always been passionate about theatre and performing but it wasn’t until Erika Flash was born, he could really express his fierce nature and entertain the masses. 

A highlight of Erika’s drag journey so far is Rainbow Story-time which involves going to schools and libraries all over New Zealand and reading books about acceptance, anti-bullying, inclusion and having confidence in yourself to children and adults.

Mustard Fridays is a mini documentary series showcasing people in our local community doing awesome things. The impact they are making definitely cuts the mustard, so we are keen as mustard to share their stories.

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Filmed and edited by Jeremy Hill & Hugo Eaton

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