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    Is your business correctly listed on Google?

    By Hayden Shearman // Possibly the most important piece of your marketing puzzle is Google—that people can quickly find where you are, when you’re open and how to get in touch. Luckily, thanks to Google My Business, this is a very straightforward job, but one that often gets overlooked when we make any changes to our business (like moving locations or changing business open hours).

    So here is a brief guide on how to keep your Google business listing updated.

    Note: Google My Business is currently (as at Sep 2017) only for businesses with a physical presence, not online-only business.

    How Google My Business works

    Google My Business is free to use and is super easy to update (it’s obviously in Google’s best interest to keep information as up-to-date as possible).

    You will need a Google account (if you have a Gmail email address you’ve already got one) and once you’re connected you will be able to:

    • Update your address (this is vital for searching on Google Maps);
    • Update your open hours and contact details (including the link to your website);
    • Update the services you offer (this is vital because if you are a café, for example, you will want to pop up when people search for “coffee” or “espresso bar”);
    • Update photos of your business and products you sell (on average, this improves click through rates by a whopping 35 per cent!);
    • Allow you to respond to Google reviews (important for customer service);
    • Provide a platform for monitoring traffic to your site through Google and for Google Adwords.

    Read more about Google My Business here.

    So, as you can see, this is a vital marketing tool for your business. So below is how to set it up …

    Search for your current listing

    1. Head to business.google.com and sign up/sign in.
    2. Search for your business name and location (if you already have several locations look for the + sign in the lower right corner of the screen to add another location).
    3. Update your business’s basic information and hit “Continue”.

    Edit your business location

    Once address and other contact details are added, Google will send you an address verification typically by post (to make sure your business is where you say it is and that you are the owner). For some business types, this verification can be via email or phone. This might take a week or two, but in the meantime, you’ll be able to:

    • Post photos
    • Update the goods/services your business offers
    • Update open hours

    Manage users

    Importantly, you can also add users to manage your business location. These fall under the following categories:

    • Primary Owner: Full privileges to edit and remove users.
    • Owners: Owners and primary owners are essentially the same, except that a primary owner can’t remove themselves from a listing unless they transfer their primary ownership to another user.
    • Managers: Have most of the privileges of owners except for the ability to remove the listing or managing access.
    • Communication Managers: Similar to a manager except for the ability to edit business info and do other things like manage videos of YouTube.

    Click here to ensure your business is listed appropriately on Google.


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