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Annalese Sharrock

Annalese Sharrock Strategic Director

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    Happy + Healthy = Productive

    We at Strategy Collective have not been the greatest campaigners of a healthy workplace of late. Viruses and bugs have had us resorting to lemon, honey and ginger drink binges, green juices and hand sanitizer obsessive-compulsiveness.  Although not overly mature and when undoubtedly ill, we still show up, and endeavor to meet our client expectations.
    This cultural phenomenon has highlighted the link between employee health and general productivity and I wonder how many businesses are aware of the significant impact that ‘presenteeism’ can have on their workplace. Presenteeism is the loss of productivity that occurs when employees come to work but are not fully functioning due to illness. This costs businesses, on average, four times as much as absenteeism.
    There are things we can do to keep health and wellbeing top of mind, whilst still meeting the demands of our day to day responsibilities:

    • Movement. Taking a brief walk outside helps to improve focus and performance. We find a stroll to the Ozone Coffee Roasters Beanstore is the perfect escape
    • Nourishment. Encourage healthy snacks, nuts, seeds, fruit, delicious baking, coffee…balance is most certainly the key
    • Annual leave. Rest, relaxation and recreation will ensure employees are excited to come to work
    • Lead by example. Make these small lifestyle changes part of your team culture

    Although we would all like to think of ourselves as invincible, we need our people to be happy, healthy and thriving. Macfarlanes Assist HR can help your business to prioritize the health and wellbeing of your team by implementing a sustainable workplace health and wellness programme or developing policies that promote wellbeing.