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    Hiring your first Employee


    So, you have started your new business and realised you need a few extra helping hands to make your life a bit easier. It is time to start thinking about recruitment. This is an exciting time for you and your business so it is important to get it right! A bad recruit can be costly and time consuming.

    Recruitment is about having the right person for the right job at the right time.

    Here are some tips for hiring for the first time:

    • Strategise – will having a new employee help achieve your strategic goals? Or can this job be done internally? Having a clear reason on why you need this person is important for the overall success and impact they will have on your business.
    • Job Analysis – this part is extremely important for your recruitment campaign, you need to be fully aware of what the expectations, task, duties, competencies required and impact this role has on the business. This sets the new employee up with clear direction and which will result in their overall success of their employment.
    • Job description – Once you have completed the job analysis it is time to put the job description together. A job description sets your recruitment strategy; these documents clearly state expectations and criteria for a role. A job description sets the tone for a role, and gives an employee direction.
    • Advertise! – you never know who is out there, you may have someone already in mind but you never know what other talent is interested. You want the best person for the role.
    • Interview – Have a structured interview with behavioural and technical competency based questions. This will help you make a sound decision on best fit for a role.
    • Work assessment – an option you can do with candidates to test their work quality is to assess it. This could be in a form of a work test (e.g. Microsoft assessment), a presentation, or a case study etc.
    • Psychrometric assessment – This is a fantastic tool for assessing behaviours and drivers of candidates, this will give you an overall picture of strengths and development areas. This assessment can also be used as a development tool for their performance development plans.
    • Reference check – I would recommend completing at least two reference checks with previous employers.
    • Induction plan – create a comprehensive induction plan for at least the first two weeks, and ensure you add in some meaningful and exciting work to get them engaged from the start.

    If you ever want to catch up about your recruitment needs, email Kate to catch up over a coffee and have a chat about putting a plan in place that will work for you.