Improve your chances of being shortlisted with these five CV tips:

(1) Attention to detail… Spell check!

It is so easy to use, and it will naturally help your job application sit above others. Reach out to friends/family to look over your CV and cover letter – you may have someone in your life who has these skills to critique!

(2) Keep your CV relevant to what you are applying for.

Your CV should be 2-3 pages long – any longer than that and you could lose your reviewers attention… any shorter than this and you may not present all the details required to show your skillset for a role. Tweak your CV to suit the role you’re applying for. Not every role will require the same skillset. You may need to give specific details in some areas which are relevant to the role, and for other skills you may have a simple explanation of your experience.

(3) Celebrate your professional and professional achievements in your CV.

The achievements relevant to the role or industry are of particular interest to a recruiter so shout them from the rooftop!

But don’t be shy to celebrate your personal achievements too – your potential employer will love to know about your interests are outside of work too!

(4) Make sure your potential employer can get hold of you easily.

Check your email and phone numbers are current! A home address and a personal photo of you are not requirements at all so leave them off to help de-clutter your CV.

Make sure you check your voicemail if you’re expecting a call, and your emails on a daily basis if you could be expecting correspondence from a potential employer.

(5) Save your CV and cover letter as a PDF before sending it.

This will ensure that your CV displays as you intended. Sending a word document or alternative file may change formatting and lose your fonts.

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