Jay Ruka’s journey of discovering his Māoritanga began as a result of learning about the history of Christianity in New Zealand as an adult.

After retiring, Trevor was surprised to find that his mental and physical health had declined considerably. After 9 months of struggle he decided it was time to find a new focus in life.

Finding his musical grove at intermediate school, Matt Benton pursued a career in performance music and feel in love with the sax.

Employee wellbeing is big news right now, and rightly so. The global pandemic has highlighted the benefits of a more all-encompassing approach to wellbeing. Through greater awareness and normalisation of wellbeing and mental health in workplaces across our nation, the worldwide pandemic has ushered in a more comprehensive approach to wellbeing for businesses.

Reinvigorating a well-established business is a lot like moving house. When you decide you’ve outgrown the space you once found comfortable, you also need to decide what you’re looking for next. Then you need to actually find that dream home, navigate through the sale process, and then plan your move day! Here are a few helpful questions using the metaphor of moving home to help you decide if you’re ready for a rebrand.

Roger shares a great story of the art of being.  
He’s an artist, writer and philosopher, but on a deeper level, he’s a thinker, creator, challenger.

Erika Flash is powerful, confident and fabulous. Not afraid to stomp down the street with six inch high heels and yell at people with a cheeky wink and Rawr. 

Keen surfer, avid gardener and drummer, Robert's passion is hand crafting bespoke drums with a unique sound.

A dream to craft his own surfboards was realised while Cain was just 15, when a local surfboard shaper dropped off a real surfboard-blank and big box of tools on his doorstep. The rest is history.

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