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    What Does It Mean To Be A Xero Expert?

    We chat with Chanel Smith and Stephen Hill about last months Xero Roadshow and what it means to be Xero certified. 

    Chanel Smith, Senior Account Manager

    Xero – beautiful accounting software.  5 Years ago when I first started using Xero I was surprised how easy it was and as they say how ‘beautiful’ it was.  Sadly the CA firm I worked for only used Xero as a bank account and not to its full potential.

    When joining Strategy Collective (formerly Macfarlanes Assist) 4 years ago we used Xero for everything and that is when my love for Xero grew more, the more I learnt the more I realised just how easy Xero is for everyone to use.  Becoming Xero certified reiterated how much I knew the software and also gave me further insight into the capabilities of the system. After attending the Xero Roadshow on the 30th August it made me realise how much I already knew about it – to the point I could have actually taken one of the sessions. As our client base has grown, so too has our team of Xero Experts!

    Being Xero Certified means I and the other Xero experts on our team can train others and give helpful hints to our team and our clients along the way!  We’d love the opportunity to have one of our Xero Experts chat with you over a coffee and see how we can drive your business forward. We pride ourselves on being able to empower you and your team and make more time for you to spend on your business or whatever it is you want to spend more time doing!  I would love to hear from you by email or contact me via our website.  That way I can arrange for one of our Strategy Collective Xero Experts to tailor a training session for you or you may like to enquire about our upcoming workshops.


    Stephen Hill, Finance Director

    Welcome to the new Xero Ecosystem (Apps. that integrate with Xero) and Xero Business Advisor tab (raising your profile in Xero) platforms 

    These were two key new initiatives announced by Xero at their recent Roadshow. They present some real new opportunities for businesses, accountants and other business advisors.  Whether, already in the “Xero-Sphere” or about to join this space. But like any new opportunities they are not without fish-hooks or the ability to fully leverage these opportunities may not be entirely appreciated.  At Strategy Collective we have, through our association with the IT/accounting savvy people at mapt. (cloud integration experts) real expertise in deciphering the murky pond of Apps.

    We already help businesses and their advisors understand what business apps will work best for their businesses and clients and how to integrate in the cloud. Helping you avoid making the mistakes that we have seen time and time again. These scenarios regrettably regularly occur by not getting the right advice prior to embarking on the cloud integration journey. Just like a good marriage, cloud integration takes patience, a lot of understanding and sometimes being prepared to compromise a little to come to the best workable result.

    We’d like to talk to business owners & their business advisors who are serious about leveraging off these new Xero opportunities & getting a real “jump ahead” of the crowd. So please contact Stephen or Stephanie to have a chat over coffee and see how you can partner with us and jump ahead in the Xero-Sphere!