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    Millennial Marketing

    Millenials have completely flipped marketing on it’s head. Things are changing as technology grows and we become immune to blaring, annoying advertising.

    What is a Millenial? Basically anyone that has grown up in a world of technology. Generally born between years 1985 – 2000 (give-or-take).

    So if the old ways of advertising are redundant – what do we do now? Well, we just need to put more time, thought and meaning into our advertising. At Strategy Collective this is one of the things that gets us out of bed in the morning!


    Change the world

    Almost 50% of Millennials would be more willing to make a purchase from a business that supports a cause โ€“ even if it means paying a bit more.

    Think, is there something you could do with your brand to make a difference and improve the world we are in? A great example is the company Toms. Every pair of shoes the company sells, they donate a pair to a child in need.

    Also, the world is changing, and we shouldn’t be afraid to support that! Have you seen the latest Heiniken Ad? This is A.M.A.Z.I.N.G


    Involve your audience

    As Millennials we are opinionated! 40% of us want to participate in co-creation of products and brands.

    A fast growing NZ company Shineon does this well on facebook – always including their customers with what new stock they are looking to get in and by doing so they achieve excellent engagement.


    The extra mile

    70% of Millennials feel a responsibility to share feedback with companies (good or bad). Make sure the whole process is an experience – the little extra touches can make all the difference to customers and their loyalty to your brand.

    Hard Sales are Dead

    80% of millennials want brands that entertain them โ€“ we are moving away from being corporate and professional.

    We aren’t loyal to big companies that have been around for years – as the baby boomers may have been. Instead we want to feel connected with the companies and see the snippets of the people behind them. Showing a bit of vulnerability and imperfection is no longer necessarily a bad thing – you are human. Seeing who they are supporting and feeling good about knowing who they are buying from is highly important for creating trust. Instagram stories for example are an easy way for companies to showcase their values, experiences, personality and culture.

    Along with this, a winning advert is no longer a basic formula. We’ve blocked out traditional advertising, so billboards, flyers, radio and ads in the paper are just no longer as effective as they once were. Instead of making decisions to buy products based on what ads we see, our decisions are made by what our friends and people we follow recommend. Organic Influencer Marketing is the next BIG THING. Bloggers, Vloggers, Instagrammers – this is where marketing is shifting. Getting the right influencer with a loyal following to love and recommend your brand is key.


    Also, don’t be afraid to have some fun with the wording on your collateral. It’s okay to have a personality. Let it shine!



    Get your tribe to help you grow

    The first step here is to make sure your product/brand is Instagram worthy. Millennials, being the first generation to grow up with the internet/new technology tend to have a general thirst to show everything they do and love. 46% of millennials post regular original photos or videos they have created online.

    If you have built a tribe (from the fact you are now saving the world and have lots of personality) โ€“ get the people that worship and support your brand help get the word out. Set up #hashtags on Instagram so followers can use this when including your products on their personal accounts. Re-gram these to help encourage more of these posts.

    These authentic posts can be one of the most powerful (and free!) ways of marketing. Itโ€™s the new-age word of mouth, reaching a large audience of their friends, not just Sally they bumped into in the frozens isle of the Supermarket.


    Everyone is connected

    Everyone is connected and usually on more than one device. Ensuring that your website is optimised on every device is more vital than ever. This isnโ€™t just making sure you have a mobile responsive website, itโ€™s digging deep and thinking about the experience your customers are having. Is it easy for them to shop quickly? Or book quickly online? Or are you still expecting them to give you a call on the landline? #whatisalandline

    Get Personal

    Recently technology means that we have a better way to market more than ever. No longer do we need to make generic ads to attempt to entice everyone who seeโ€™s it.

    With facebook ads for example, you can target your perfect customer. These should be as targeted as possible โ€“ with abilities to target genders, interests, followers of your competitors and locations this should be 100% utilised when creating ALL ad campaigns. Create different campaigns all targeted to your unique audiences to better drive sales to your website.

    Once you have traffic on your website (yay!) โ€“ lets get them to convert. Re-marketing is one of the biggest converters of online sales. For example this ad campaign below appears on facebook after you have been checking out this dress online #awwshucks



    Lastly, Think.

    Whilst technology and what we can do with advertising is exciting, take time to think about the world we want to grow in. If you haven’t already I recommend a Netflix binge watch of Black Mirror to really put the future digital age into perspective.


    May 23, 2017 by Shay Starrenburg