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    How to Pay your Peeps on a Public Holiday

    It’s Taranaki Anniversary this weekend which means LONG WEEKEND! It also brings a public holiday which as a business owner can be tricky at times.

    We have put all the rules together to teach you how to pay your staff on Public Holiday’s and not screw it up – yay you!

    Paying Staff on Public Holidays:

    Normal working day or pattern of working the day (including seasonal or casual staff)

    • working – time & half + alternate day (full day even if only worked a couple of hours)
    • not working – public holiday taken (including when on annual leave)

    Not a normal working day

    • working – time & half only
    • not working – unpaid

    If sick or bereaved on a public holiday

    It becomes a public holiday taken, it is not taken off leave entitlements

    If staff are normally paid on a day that falls on a public holiday

    They are entitles to be paid the business day prior as the money should be in their account on the usual day unless you get written permission by staff to delay to the next business day.
    Boom – sorted. Now go pay your peeps and enjoy a well deserved long weekend.