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Annalese Sharrock

Annalese Sharrock Strategic Director

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    West End Precinct

    We were on a mission to create a logo with personality to reflect and connect with the vibrant West End of the city and the businesses within it. A logo that could stand strong on its own but compliment all of the other brands within the precinct without overpowering or clashing.

    We started by looking at icons within the West End of New Plymouth: Clocktower, Stag, Highwayman and geographic footprint. The Stag & Highwayman connected directly to White Hart whereas the Clocktower is a centre point for the whole precinct and the map covers all businesses within the area.

    Taking these two directions we found they make some fun shapes that could have potential. First we tried the Clocktower which produced some cool elements we could play with… a nice idea, but however we arranged them they just seemed a little too playschool.

    Next we experimented with the geographic footprint and found that using the West End Precinct acronym could be developed further. We started to mess around with different perspectives, distorting and pushing to the limit, make it more artistic, take it to the edge of being uncomfortable but still a solid logo mark that is easy to use, recognisable and compliments the businesses within.

    The end result is a very unique logo that is very easy to use, adaptable, plenty of personality and reflects everything the West End Precinct is: Fashionable, artistic, social, sophisticated, on the edge and ahead of the game.

    An events and directory website was created to promote businesses within the West End Precinct and a short promotional film showcasing all it has to offer.