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Annalese Sharrock

Annalese Sharrock Strategic Director

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    Itch Wine Bar Branding

    Itch Wine Bar is Lara & Cohens’ newest baby. They are awfully passionate about booze and committed to the hangover to make sure they taste everything so it’s perfect for you. Itch Wine Bar is situated in the White Hart Hotel, and with everything we introduce to this space we try to acknowledge the history of the area.

    In 1855 during the New Zealand wars, the White Hart hotel was used to treat troops and adopted the name “Itch Hospital”.   Something we thought was quite fitting, why not pop into Itch Wine Bar and scratch that itch.

    We worked closely with Gibbons Architects to create a cohesive brand experience. As the architecture grew, our design would adapt to it until we finally settled on our direction with Lara and Cohen. The logo is influenced by the beautiful art deco inspired curves of the bar, it also takes on the form of a cork screw connecting the physical space with the offering.

    Brand Touchpoints: Naming, Logo & Brand Personality, Business Stationery, Menus, Signage, Website Design, Photography