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Annalese Sharrock

Annalese Sharrock Strategic Director

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    Pulling Good Peeps



    Recruitment is one of the most critical aspects of HR. If you get it right you will increase productivity and profitability. If you get recruitment wrong, then say hellooo to the disciplinary process.


    Recruitment is about having the right person for the right job at the right time. To start this process you need to have a relevant and reflective job description (JD). This sets the expectations for both the employer and employee. By having clear JD’s there is no miscommunication about the role and what is expected. Once you have confirmed your JD, it is time to start planning your recruitment strategy. What are your non-negotiables? What skills does this person have? Do you want to target passive or non-passive candidates? Next, is to decide the process; competency-based interview, 2nd interview, psychometric testing, assessment centre? Best practice would suggest you have at least a behavioural-based interview, workplace testing and reference checks. Remember, the more thorough your process is the less likely you will encounter any nasty surprises after you’ve employed them.

    Validity on different recruitment methods:


    (Predictive validity is the extent to which a test or questionnaire predicts some future or desired outcome)

    Its alarming how many managers don’t enjoy the recruitment process, and see it as over the top and time consuming. I see it as growth, fresh blood and a time for change. Maybe it is just me, but it really gets me excited to see a new face walk through the door who is a perfect fit for the role and company. If all employers put the time and effort into doing a thorough recruitment process, I would guarantee they would see long term benefits for their company. However, I do know that sometimes employers just don’t have the time or resources to conduct a decent and thorough recruitment process, but I have your solution, ME! I can help you! I am passionate about recruitment, so you can leave the hard stuff with me.

    Email me kate@strategycollective.co.nz or give me a buzz on 022 691 2192