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    How remarkable is your social media?

    The secret to success on social media is not-so-secretly hidden in its name … “social” … it’s all about creating content that gets people talking and helps them to be more social.

    Facebook’s announcement in January 2018 that they’re tweaking the algorithm to favour content from friends and family, rather than a threat, is actually a step back to the roots of social media: to provide an online extension to real life relationships. And for businesses, it’s a great reminder that social media isn’t about broadcasting our products and saying “come buy me” all the time, but it’s about joining the conversation, being real and being genuinely social.

    So what does this look like exactly?

    Well, a good test is to ask yourself how remarkable your post is. Ask, “Is this something our audience would remark on or share with their friends?”

    A client of ours who do this very well every April Fool’s Day is Egmont Seafoods. Check out this incredibly remarkable post from last year:

    Taranaki fisherman Trevor Ally snapped this photo while out fishing just south of New Plymouth yesterday. The fisherman…

    Gepostet von Egmont Seafoods Ltd am Freitag, 31. März 2017

    Of course, it’s not just about some funny photoshopping; another obvious way to be social is to show off your company culture and the fun antics you get up to as a team. For example, the last day of work for 2017, many of our team came dressed for the occasion. Here’s Craig Macfarlane in an outstanding Christmas outfit (yes, the beard is real!) which is remarkable for our team, for Craig’s friends and family and for anyone getting in the festive spirit.

    We manage the social media accounts for New Plymouth’s retail and hospitality hub West End Precinct. This post sent their audience down memory lane to a time when this end of town was better known for its punk rock and bike gangs. And, let’s be honest, what gets people talking better than a great mullet or two?

    Flash back Friday!

    A post shared by West End Precinct (@west_end_precinct) on

    Elwin Evans are world famous in Taranaki and when they give some hair tips, people stop and listen. It’s remarkable content, but more so it’s noteworthy and valuable content; it’s social in an oh-let-me-tune-in-to-this-conversation kind of way.

    Here are some fabulous Summer hair care tips from Elwin Evans. 👇 Photos by Pip Guthrie Photographer

    Gepostet von West End Precinct am Donnerstag, 9. November 2017

    Here’s another from West End Precinct … when a region’s first gelato store opens, people want to know about it and people want to tell other people about it.

    Write this social media tip down: Gelato is always remarkable!

    As well as the Christmas Markets we have Creamy Jo's Gelato Parlour Pop-up with Leftcoastgelato that has just opened today! 🍦🍦 (Next door to Plantation Design Store)

    Gepostet von West End Precinct am Samstag, 9. Dezember 2017

    Finally, another of our clients, Ms White, personalise little messages on the inside of all their takeaway pizza boxes. These Valentine’s Day themed boxes generated the below organic exposure through an Instagram account with no connection to Ms White simply because A) they have a great product that is worthy of a romantic evening out, and B) they’ve thought of unique ways that they can be remarkable. And note the hashtag encouraging people to share that remarkable-ness online.

    All the above posts are unsponsored yet they still generated excellent organic engagement and, in some cases, traffic to their websites—win!

    Have fun being remarkable on social media this week!

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