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Annalese Sharrock

Annalese Sharrock Strategic Director

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    Taking your brand strategy seriously – Behind the scenes.

    A serious undertaking.

    Our Brand team put their clever little heads together to create a unique campaign to promote the Strategy Collective Brand Department.

    After plenty of banter and a number of ludicrous suggestions from our Creative Director, the team finally decided there was only one way to demonstrate just how committed our designers are to understanding their customers’ business.

    Each member of the team designed a suitable garment for the campaign inspired by one of our favourite clients. (Obviously all our customers are favourites – but not all of them serve craft-beer and pizza, or provide the opportunity to slap a work mate in the face with a fish!).

    With the studio lit and tarpaulin laid, the photoshoot could begin. Shay, as always, illuminating the room, Craig working the camera and Dom literally taking one on the chin for the team. Shit got real for Trish. The warm sensation of tomato sauce through your long hair is one thing, especially as it mixes with the mouth-watering aroma of salami. The breath-taking moment of an ice-cold beer poured over her head had not however been fully considered during the concept development stage of her chosen garment. Pleasant no, an excellent snapchat opportunity – yes!

    Here’s the final product and a few snaps of how we made the campaign:


    Strategy Collective Live Advertising



    Trish Cox – Designer. wearing Ms White Pizza & Craft Beer Garden.


    Shay Starrenburg – Web Developer. Wearing Vintage Lighting.


    Dominic Prestidge – Brand and Film. Wearing Egmont Seafoods. 


    Craig Jones – Creative Director. wearing Green Meadow’s Beef.