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Business ownership can be a lonely place and requires skilled decision making over a number of specialist areas.

Too often we find ourselves immersed in the operational aspects rather than working on our businesses and with the bigger picture in mind.

As a group of multidisciplinary professionals, we provide you with the tools to think more strategically so you can take control of your business and where you want to take it.

Our Collaborative Approach

We work along side our clients, sharing our expertise and enabling business owners to take control.

You will find confidence as you partner with fellow business owners and directors, Brand and Marketing specialists, People and Culture experts and in-house Chartered Accountants.

What to Expect

  • Regular sessions (tailored to suit your business)
  • Access to business experts across our specialised sectors
  • An initial 90-day action plan
  • 12-month strategic plan
  • Budgeting and Forecasting
  • Brand direction
  • Marketing plans
  • People strategies
  • Seamless integration with resulting projects

There are no short-cuts to success, but there is a team to get you there quicker.

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As an entrepreneur and creative person, I am big on ideas and vision but somewhat limited when it comes to execution. Instead of trying to fumble my way through this I engaged the services of Strategy Collective to help map out the purpose of my business, the opportunities within it and the means of execution. What I really enjoyed about the process and relationship was that:

They took the time to understand the business, but most importantly they took the time to understand me. I am a visual person (and not a great reader), so they communicated the strategic plan in a way that met my style and needs. They were not afraid to ask the tough questions and that’s what I needed. I needed to understand what were vanity projects, what paid the bills and where was my energy best spent for the best outcomes for me and the business.

I have maintained a great relationship with Strategy Collective, post the engagement, and I can confidently recommend them to anyone who wants to take their business to the next level, because they have helped me to take mine there!

Paul Rangiwahia

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