Erin Knightbridge

Erin Knightbridge


People & Culture Consultant


Diploma in Business & Human Resources Management 

Key areas of expertise

Generalist HR Practices, Recruitment and Selection, HR Project Management, Employment Relations and Information Technology

People & Culture Consultant Erin believes that having the right people in the right role, with the right support, is essential for any business to excel. She is an IT whizz (having come from a recruitment software provider) and leads the way when it comes to harnessing the power of IT as an HR tool.

Erin has worked across a suite of industries including banking, utilities, horticulture, and technology. She loves creating tailor-made HR solutions for clients.

Erin enjoys sharing time with friends and family outdoors, and discovering hidden Taranaki gems. She is also a petrol head and loves all things motorsports related. Oh, and she can solve a Rubik’s cube in 80 seconds!


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