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    The 3 Steps for Creating a World-Class Brand

    Whether you’re Nike or Apple or your local sparkie, having a strong and consistent brand is vital for winning and keeping the right customers. Craig Jones explores the steps necessary to create such a brand, so you can own your corner of the market. 

    1) Know who you are

    This might sound an obvious place to start but it can be one of the hardest questions to answer. A strong brand is decisive, it’s easy to understand and usually communicates a single idea or solution to a potential customer. Less is always more.

    Ask yourself, “Besides the service or product I sell, what problem do I really solve for my customers?” Powerful brands connect to their audience on an emotional level rather than simply providing a practical solution to a problem.

    You also want to define your brand personality. If your business was a person would they be big, bold and edgy? Or are they subtle, understated and sophisticated?
    These questions relate very closely to your strategic business goals. Do you want a home-style hobby or a global phenomenon? Your brand is a tool to help you achieve your business aspirations (however big or small).

    2) Know your audience

    Think of your brand as a communication tool. To communicate well, you need to intimately understand the people you are talking to. Ask yourself, “Who is my ideal customer? What are their key motivators and interests?”

    This will help you personalise your message and quickly connect with the people you want to work with (don’t try to please everyone!). There is no point crafting a compelling brand story if you don’t first learn to speak the language of the people you are telling the story to! Again, the more you can connect with your customer on an emotional level, the better they will remember your message.

    Remember: People respond to authenticity and real stories so don’t be afraid to be yourself.

    3) Do it once. Do it right … or, if not, keep refining until you get it right!

    Once you understand points one and two, you are ready to craft your brand. A successful brand has its own unique, recognisable visual language that communicates a message that is a clear, well-balanced combination of who you are and the ‘problem’ you are solving for your customers.

    First impressions really do count, so work hard to ensure your brand speaks as clearly as possible to your target audience. Always review how well your brand is communicating—a great performance indicator is the type of new customers you are attracting. Are they the people you want to be working with? If not get tweaking!

    Remember: Your brand isn’t a logo, it’s an experience. People don’t remember what you tell them as much as how you made them feel. Every interaction is an opportunity to reinforce to your customer that they have made an excellent decision by choosing your product or service.

    Case Study

    The images below are of New Plymouth Asian-fusion restaurant Little Glutton. Launched in 2017, the Strategy Collective brand team were briefed with a street-food-inspired casual eatery serving a fun blend of Asian and western food and drinks. From chefs dressed like Kung Fu masters to front-of-house staff wearing Adidas originals, from neon signage to a wall of beckoning cats, and from 80s-throwback fonts to its in-your-face colour schemes—Little Glutton’s brand permeates it’s entire business.

    Read the full story on Little Glutton here.


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