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    The Business of Boxing


    “Everybody has a plan until they get punched in the face” (Mike Tyson).

    The same can be said of business and that no strategy is immune to disruption. Likewise there is risk and agility associated with boxing and business. And courage.

    It’s these parallels that help me to rationalize my participation in a corporate boxing fight next month.

    Six weeks into intense training, “why would you? I’ve been asked.

    I’m learning technique, I’m developing strategy, I’ve identified my strengths and weaknesses, I’ve become more reactive and balanced, I’ve learned to have confidence when way out of my comfort zone, and I’ve developed a reasonable that-didn’t-hurt-poker-face.

    After all, Donald Trump’s most useful lessons in business came from his time as a boxing promoter and enthusiast (wink wink). 

    Boxing is a sport that can only be fully appreciated from within the ring and from experiencing the discomfort that just two minutes can bring. Oftentimes in business you need to trust yourself and the strategy when in uncomfortable situations.

    I will win, or I will not, but irrespective I am taking the experience, psychology and skills and applying them to my future. That’s my plan.