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    The Game Plan

    Often I am reminded that doing the small things well means that the big picture is well executed! Some might argue that this was the difference between our beloved All Black team winning and drawing against the Aussies in the first Bledisloe Test this year.  As the All Blacks started picking over the carcass post-match they would no doubt be focusing on those small things that they usually executed so well, but arguably meant the difference when the final whistle blew!

    Business is no different to any other game – “Success” at any level means there must be a game plan, well-coached in-form players, a strategy to execute and impartial referees to ensure everything goes as smoothly as possible!
    I just wanted to tackle the importance of the Game Plan this issue.  Ask yourself some simple questions:-

    1. Why am I in business – (i.e. why do I want to be a player and play the game)?
    2. What do I want out of my business – (i.e. do I want to be successful and be part of a winning team & how do I measure this)?
    3. Have I got the right people mix and other resources – (i.e. do I have an “in-form” team around me and a good coach who can go the distance with me)?

    All of us at some point will probably have been at a game or game practice and will recognise a good coach.  They are someone who had a clear vision of what the game would look like and how it will be played.  You knew your job and what was expected of you if the team was to be a winner!
    They are not focussed on or put off by the noise around the stadium, or the beers and chips at half time – they are focussed and instilling in their team the belief that they have the right plan to succeed.
    Often there’s lots of noise out there! It can be a distraction and take away from the enjoyment of playing the game.  At times like that I am reminded of the words of one of my great university coaches, Sir William Rodgers, “Often Mr Hill, what is perfectly simple is simply perfect”.
    If you found yourself with as many questions as answers in answering any of those 3 simple questions & feel surrounded by noise, we’d love to meet and coach you.


    The Strategy Collective Finance and wider team have a clear vision of what a game plan should look like.  Our experienced team of professionals and business people understand business and can coach you on the development of a business plan, right from the “seed” idea to its execution via budgets, financial forecasting and identification of key performance measures.