Strategy Collective are now licensed with three of our People and Culture Consultants holding the Private Investigator designation to undertake employment investigations for your business.

Recent changes to the Private Security Personnel and Private Investigators Act 2010 because of an employee complaint while being placed under workplace investigation has meant that individuals conducting this line of work must now hold a Private Investigator (PI) licence and be regulated under the Act.

Our team have extensive experience in conducting investigations for clients, big and small, in any industry. We are able to provide you with assessments and recommendations through solid interpretation and knowledge, and being a team of People & Culture generalists, we will partner with you and offer initiatives that will continue to align your people with your business following the investigation.


When do I need to investigate?

Workplace investigators are often required for allegations or complaints, related to general misconduct, bullying, harassment, discrimination, or any other situation where facts need to be established in order to draw conclusions, before taking any disciplinary action.

Our investigations are not limited to dealing with matters of evidence but can also provide insight into underlying causes of the complaint such as lack of capability, working styles, structure issues, bullying and cultural issues, internal processes and management styles. Investigations are completed in good faith and use natural justice principles – this includes not jumping to conclusions before going through the process.

Similarly, investigations may also be considered for culture reviews, where a similar process is undertaken however it is more of a proactive, research focus. Culture reviews are typically undertaken where there has not been specific complaints or allegations, but there is a team or department within an organisation that may be operating with a negative culture. The outcome of the review identifies strengths, as well as areas of concern, followed by recommendations and further investigation (if necessary).

Using an external investigator

Some organisations may carry out investigations in-house, and you do not require a license to do so. However, there are benefits to using an external investigator.

External investigation processes mean increased objectivity, a confidential external party for all participants of the investigation, and being assured the investigation is unbiased, independent and peer reviewed.

There are legal risks involved if you are using an external investigator that does not hold the relevant license –you can be ensured your investigation is sound and will stand up to external testing should an employee dispute the outcome of the investigation.

Avoid putting your business at risk, and get in touch

We adapt our approach to suit the circumstances of your business and your people. Our Consultants are experienced across Employment Relations and Organisational Development, and seek to be transformative and proactive in how we approach issues within the workplace.

If you have any questions about the changes to workplace investigations, or you need support conducting a workplace investigation, please get in touch.

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