Health and Wellbeing Workshop


At Strategy Collective the health and wellbeing of our people is paramount to who we are and how we run our business. We have worked hard to create a ‘people first’ culture whereby our people are comfortable being and expressing themselves, a culture whereby they have a voice and are supported in work, and in life.

One way we have committed to doing this is through investing in the health and wellbeing of your people, this in turn has helped us to create a healthy workplace, helping people to be as healthy and as strong as they can be.

How? Through an intentional focus on Health and Wellbeing as a core pillar of our Employee Proposition Value, with initiatives such as:

  • Flexible working arrangements
  • Annual health and wellness workshop
  • Financial contributions towards fitness initiatives
  • Southern Cross health cover
  • Life and Trauma insurance
  • First aid and mental health well-being training
  • EAP services

The Project

The annual health and wellness workshop was launched this year, 2021, a workshop built with our people in mind. A workshop focused on supporting and encouraging our people to continue to have conversations around wellbeing and mental health, to hear from people in our community in terms of wellbeing and mindfulness and to provide our people with wellbeing tools that they can integrate into their lives, whether that be at work or in their personal lives.

Our hope for this workshop was that our people would have a bigger bucket of wellbeing strategies to choose from to build their resilience and maintain their wellbeing.

From here we are working on our 2022 Health and Wellbeing Strategy. The long-term strategy endeavours to further support an environment where wellbeing practices and mental and physical health are encouraged for all employees, where they are encouraged to be proactive and take responsibility for their holistic health and wellbeing, with the mutual support of the company. Watch this space…

The Results

Participants were asked to provide feedback on their experience during our annual health and wellness workshop for 2021.

It really was a valuable and thought-provoking time to spend together. I definitely came away feeling like I had a few more tools in the box to help deal with the challenges of life and have a renewed sense of priority when it comes to looking after myself.

Craig Jones, Creative Director


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