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Heritage Preservation and Field Support (HPFS) Solutions is a Taranaki based partnership that services clients who face challenges in the heritage, art and science sectors. They are a diverse business that utilises their skillset and strengths to enact change and forge progress in their respective fields.

In 2021, they were selected to be on an approved list of suppliers on New Zealand government panels for heritage preservation. Their goal is to present options and assist clients in finding the right solution for their projects and resources.

The Project

HPFS was unsure how the pandemic would affect their business at the time, but once it was over, they quickly experienced an increase in work on the horizon. This was promising, and apparent that they would need to hire staff to handle the workload. Because they had never employed staff before, they needed employment agreements, knowledge around employing staff as well as policies and procedures. They engaged in coaching to ensure they employed the right people and provided the right documentation for each.

They engaged Strategy Collective to work with them to establish their immediate needs, and ongoing support. Our project scope was for:

– Business Strategy

– Policy and procedures development

– Contracts for Individual Employment

The Result

Working with Strategy Collective gave Susanne at HPFS clear direction and understanding of what she needed to take her business to the next level. Now, months down the track from these meetings and Policy and Procedure Recreation, she says the business has grown exponentially. She has a team who received clear communications and documentation around their employment and she has been able to rely on them understanding their brand and business.

“Before working with Strategy Collective, we did not even know where to begin. We learned more in an hour of meeting with the team at Strategy Collective than we had gotten from any online training or working with other organisations. Seeing the breadth of their abilities and staff expertise also allowed us to evaluate operations of other aspects of our business. Throughout it all, they had a positive attitude and genuine interest in getting to know who we are and assisting us”

Susanne Rawson (Grieve)
HPFS Solutions

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