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Itch Wine Bar.

Brand Touchpoints:

Branding. Design. Photography. Signage. Social Media. Video. Website.

Scratching the Itch.

Itch Wine Bar is situated within the White Hart Hotel, a space with rich historical significance. In 1855, during the New Zealand wars, the White Hart Hotel was used to treat troops and earned the nickname “Itch Hospital”.

Playing on the need to “scratch that itch”, the name Itch Wine Bar was adopted.

In some of our projects, we are truly able to collaborate in all areas, and the Itch Wine Bar was no exception. We worked closely with Gibbons Architects to create a cohesive brand experience. As the architecture evolved, our design adapted, culminating in a logo influenced by the beautiful art deco-inspired curves of the bar. The logo also takes on the form of a corkscrew, connecting the physical space with the offering.

We continue to work with Itch Wine Bar, supporting them with design, social media management, website, photography and video.