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New Plymouth Vet Group (NPVG) is the largest Veterinary practice in New Plymouth. They boast seasoned vets and utilise the latest technology and equipment to ensure they offer the highest standard of care to pets and animals alike. Their mission is to provide unrivalled and compassionate veterinary care that considers the personal needs of both animal and owner.

The Project

New Plymouth Vet Group has a long-standing partnership with Strategy Collective. They have worked with our People and Culture consultants for everything from Strategic HR advice to advice on employment matters and recruiting various members of their team.

Most recently they engaged Strategy Collective to facilitate an Employee Engagement Survey. It was important for them to gain insight into the engagement levels of their staff and to understand what it really means to be an employee at NPVG. Following an extensive review of the survey results, we presented our findings and recommendations to help the business move forward. To date this has included the facilitation of multiple workshops to develop the skillset of their team and internal practices to improve efficiencies within the practice.

The Results

“Following the staff engagement survey seminars have been held empowering staff to contribute to the aspects of their employment that contribute to their overall wellness.

The team meetings coordinated by Tracey aid the clinic in navigating the issues raised by covid restrictions and balancing the delivery of exceptional client service.

Strategy Collective are now an integral part of our business, they have spent the time getting to know us and are delivering quality seminars focused on life skills.”

Rob Mills, CEO, New Plymouth Vet Group


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