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New Plymouth Partners is a partnership of business leaders, entrepreneurs, iwi and community leaders. Drawn to the power of a unified vision to work together and create bold initiatives for New Plymouth and the community. Already 33 major companies, organisations and visionary individuals including Strategy Collective are committed as members.


New Plymouth Partners needed to launch with a strong message to the 33 committed members. A video was created to showcase New Plymouth and the people who believe in this unified vision. This video would mark the launch of the New Plymouth Partners and then sit on the New Plymouth Partner website. Strategy Collective worked closely with NP Partners to develop a script and storyboard that would be reflective of why so many had come together and to show the opportunity of working together we can create something great. By filming some of the partners within the video and showing New Plymouth in all its glory we produced an emotive and powerful video creating congeniality and a sense of connection within the partnership. All filming schedules, locations were managed by the team at Strategy Collective.


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