PetBrew - Strategy Collective


Brand Touchpoints:

Branding. Design. Packaging. Photography. Website.

A Bowl Full of New Zealand’s Best.

The Premium Pet Food Trading Company, based in China and the USA, collaborated with Strategy Collective on a range of pet snacks poised to make waves in the Chinese market.

The Chinese pet owner demographic is one of the fastest-growing, and The Premium Pet Food Trading Company sought a New Zealand brand that would resonate with this consumer base.

We crafted a compelling narrative around ‘A Bowl Full of New Zealand’s Best’, aiming to showcase the brand as exclusively made and sourced in New Zealand. Our team employed rich, natural colors and manipulated New Zealand landscape photos to create an enchanting vibe. Each product in the range featured its own unique color scheme.

The website was designed to serve as a brochure site for Chinese consumers, allowing them to verify that the products were indeed produced and developed in New Zealand. It was intended to showcase the PetBrew story and lay the groundwork for the ecommerce site, which would be in Chinese.

“The collaboration that we had with the design and marketing team at Strategy Collective was second to none. They know how to create a powerful story and build a captivating and premium product. From start to finish their communication across distance was commended”.