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Public Kitchen.

Brand Touchpoints:

Branding. Design. Photography. Signage. Social Media. Video. Website.

The Y in YUM.

Public Kitchen sought to revolutionize their brand identity after pivoting away from offering catering services.

With the change in direction, this artisan-style cafe has shifted its focus to offer both dine-in and on-the-go options, with more items added to the menu, including burgers, gelato, bakery goods, and coffee.

Establishing Public Kitchen as the place to be and eat was key, with the website, social media, and brand all needing to celebrate the delectable offerings now available.

The menu design, signage, and bold branding all help celebrate Public Kitchen as a place run by passionate people who get a kick out of serving those who dine there.

Our team continue to work with Public Kitchen, supporting them with design, social media management, website, photography and video.