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Tui Ora.

Brand Touchpoints:

Branding. Design. Photography. Video. Website.

Delivering Health & Social Services to Taranaki.

Tui Ora is a not-for-profit kaupapa Māori hauora organisation dedicated to raising health outcomes for whānau living in Taranaki and has served the community as a trusted primary health and social services provider for more than 25 years.

Strategy Collective partnered with Tui Ora to launch a refreshed brand—the logo and identity had not been updated since 1998!

We were excited to be part of this branding effort, which included refreshing the logo mark and colours, redesigning and developing the new website, and undertaking both video and photography production. Additionally, we delivered new signage for their premises and their major sponsorship event, WOMAD, where the brand was launched.

The Logo.

The Tui Ora logo mark utilises the name in a bold, fresh, and simplified font, with the indents in the ‘o’ and ‘u’ reminiscent of a feather, wave, or even a koru.

The refreshed identity brings vibrancy with a bold palette inspired by cultural diversity, green spaces, a youthful population, and an enviable community spirit. The patterns incorporated in the design allow Tui Ora to emphasise its services across different roles within the organisation and project optimism for a new way forward for Māori health.


Photography played a crucial role in positioning Tui Ora as whānau-friendly. By showcasing staff and their extended whānau on the website and social media, we created a connection that resonated with both employees and clients.

Strategy Collective collaborated with Tui Ora to coordinate multiple photo shoots across various locations, resulting in over 300 processed images. These photos will be used in wider campaigns to ensure consistency across their social media platforms.

The Big Launch.

WOMAD, one of the largest events hosted in Taranaki, is a celebration of world music and dance that takes place in March each year.

As a long time sponsor of WOMAD, Tui Ora elevated its sponsorship to partnership level with the intent to bring Māori health initiatives to festival goers. The 2024 event marked the first public unveiling of the new brand, with several initiatives throughout the festival showcasing the refreshed identity.

Whānau Whiti.

Health and wellbeing are vital within any organisation, and Tui Ora is committed to sharing knowledge and motivation with their whānau.

To bring this to life, Tui Ora engaged Chance, a personal trainer, to demonstrate simple exercises and motivate audiences on Tui Ora’s Facebook page. These videos encourage people to have fun and try easy exercises that can be done at home.

Designed for social media, we shoot and edit a new exercise move which is released each Monday.