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Venture Taranaki launched The Taranaki Story in May 2021 which comprises over 400 assets and resources to support Taranaki enterprises. The Taranaki Story was a Provisional Growth Fund project and “the story comprises a narrative, tools and resources that our regions enterprises and the wider Taranaki community can use to stand strong in our sense of self” says Venture Taranaki CE Justine Gilliland.

The project was delivered in two stages, the first being community consultation and engagement with over 13 workshops. The workshops were designed to bring together business and community thought leaders to share insights and experiences in to what makes Taranaki a great place to live, work, learn, play, create and invest.

Strategy Collective were provided with these key themes or “pou” that were part of the initial community workshops and a direct influence as to what the community considers of unique importance. We then scripted, story-boarded and developed a production schedule like no other, that set about the process of engaging with over 300 people, in over 100 locations, filming both moving and still footage. The sheer enormity of the project was tackled by the Brand and Marketing team and fortnightly meetings were held with the Venture Taranaki team charged with the facilitation of this process so that we could update them with the who, the what, the how and the where as filming progressed.  


This project was delivered for Venture Taranaki under a RFP tender process.

“The essence of tackling this project was to be nimble and decisive whilst managing the project within our small team. We were able to reach out to our existing networks and their wider groups and find a number of willing participants to be on camera. Utilising the people of our region gave the project special significance as we were creating something for them while they were reflected within it, which was fantastic” says Emily Bellringer.

Jeremy Hill, our videographer, reflects on the now finished project that comprises 22 videos “I was stoked with the number of locations I visited, and the people I got to meet and film. Taranaki has some amazing people and places and it was cool to visit, film and then showcase this through moving footage.”

Craig Jones, our Creative Director summarises that “with a project of this scale, we could showcase how our team at Strategy Collective can awaken a brief and generate content that is on par with the bigger agencies and production houses”. We truly are a full-service creative agency and our team is obsessed with creating compelling stories.

A full toolkit was created for Venture Taranaki including presentation templates, infographics, icons, how to guides, gifys, videos and photography.


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