Te Puna Umanga Venture Taranaki - Strategy Collective

Venture Taranaki.

Brand Touchpoints:

Branding. Design. Illustration. Photography. Production. Video.

Taranaki is Humming.

The Regional Development Agency for Taranaki is committed to driving and leading the way towards a prosperous and sustainable future with fresh thinking and an innovative spirit. Our working partnership with Venture Taranaki has provided us with opportunities to deliver creativity, innovation, and connection across all sectors in Taranaki.

The Taranaki Story was no exception. We worked with Venture Taranaki on an initiative to showcase Taranaki and share its stories with New Zealand and the world, akin to the widely known New Zealand Story. This project included multiple touch points and helped showcase the true breadth and diversity of Taranaki’s strengths, diversity, and innovations.

Our small and nimble team dedicated themselves to the Taranaki Story. We filmed at over 100 locations and engaged with more than 300 people. We loved coordinating and meeting everyone, traveling across the region, and bringing to life the stories and images across multiple themes unique to Taranaki. The delivery included over 20 videos, 500 licensed photographs, a refreshed brand identity and logo, and multiple assets, resulting in an online portal that businesses could access for free and utilise all the resources created. The hero video was played in local museums, galleries, and visitor centres.