Workplace Investigations



  • Workplace investigations are processes undertaken when there has been either informal or formal allegations that have occurred within the workplace
  • Strategy Collective have worked with a number of clients in industries including health and social services, construction, commercial labour, and hospitality on matters such as workplace bullying, sexual harassment claims or general cultural issues
  • Clients come to us when situations may be outside of their experience, and where their involvement may be emotionally charged or technically difficult situations
  • We are engaged by clients to carry out independent reviews and investigations into allegations and/or cultural issues, to determine outcomes for the client to consider and action, ensuring due process is followed whilst maintaining focus on the right outcome for the organisation


  • Strategy Collective has a team of two Consultants qualified by the Private Security Personnel Licensing Authority to undertake external investigations for organisations
  • We engage with clients in the first instance to ask the relevant questions and determine the background and complexity of the matter, from there we provide a customised and comprehensive estimate on next steps
  • Our role throughout is to fairly and objectively establish the facts of the matter, and the wider context, through face-to-face interviews, reviewing documents, policies and any other relevant evidence
  • In an investigation process, our Consultants meet one-on-one with concerned employees to create a safe and confidential environment with their security as the priority; we want to ensure they feel safe to come forward with their comments and return to work afterwards without fear of reprisal


  • Following a comprehensive process undertaken by our Consultants, the outcome for these organisations resulted in recommendations being made by way of a full report with supporting evidence to either uphold the allegations, or dismiss the allegations
  • We provide a solution that means clients can overcome issues within business and move forward with a culture that is rebuilt; preventing ongoing systemic workplace problems or ongoing costs to the employer
  • A fair process outcome for all parties which prevents any allegations of bias or unfairness

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