ZEND – distribution made awesome


Zend (previously known as Courier Solutions) is a Christchurch based company that manages distribution solutions for many New Zealand businesses. The company prides themselves on exceptional customer service. They came to Strategy Collective looking for a new brand that would reflect this, and a marketing strategy to communicate it.


Over an 18-month period we explored all internal operations, the characteristics and pain points of their target market and the competitive climate in which they operate. This extensive process led to the identification of four brand pillars and a mission and vision statement to set the stage for an exciting new chapter in the firm’s history. The name Zend was chosen to capture the idea of dynamic movement and a Zen-like mastery of distribution and customer service. The high-energy brand and visual assets further emphasised the company’s commitment to bend over backwards and go the extra mile. Internal communication tools were created to empower staff with their mission to wow their customers.


The Result

The Zend rebrand and storytelling process led to some important discussions. The first of these took place in the company staff room as team members discovered a new mission for their roles and a sense of empowerment that their own customer service skills were to be the main selling point of the business. The other key conversation took place with existing and potential clients who asked “why the name change?”. This opened the door for explaining Zend’s points-of-difference, that unlike your out-of-the-box courier or freight provider, Zend will tailor a service to your needs and will bend over backwards to make sure it delivers.


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