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Selwyn Metcalfe has been involved in real estate since 1980. A former magician performing in shows, as well as coach for the New Zealand Wrestling team and having represented New Zealand as a judge and referee at a number of commonwealth games in the 1970’s and 80’s it was a delight to meet with him. Selwyn tasked us with breathing new life into his Taranaki real estate practice. He wanted a fresh, modern and contemporary feel. He also wanted to future-proof the company and with ambitious team members and a succession plan in motion it felt right that Selwyn Metcalfe Real Estate should be re-branded.

The Task

Knowing that we didn’t want to change the brand too much, and that consistency is key, we started with a marketing team talk for Selwyn and his team to give us insight into why they enjoyed working in real estate. This team talk established key values, and significantly highlighted that realtors play a vital part in the emotional process of buying and selling a home. Words that centred around “connection” and “heart” came to the fore and that life for he and his team is really about turning a house into a home.

Knowing also that the history of Selwyn Metcalfe Real Estate was important, suggesting a slight name change with the dropping of Selwyn’s first name was to retain a connection with Selwyn whilst still bringing something new and inclusive. The team talk also highlighted that Metcalfe Real Estate didn’t just sell residential homes, but were involved in commercial and rural sales also.

The new logo was created within a circle to house the icon that represents residential, commercial and rural. The font is friendly and inviting. We made sure the colours chosen stood out in this competitive landscape and were bright but sophisticated.

A new website, business cards and sales collateral, building and car signage were all set up for this invigorated brand.


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