Maryanne Shearman

Mustard Fridays Season Four.

An on-going journey to learning and understanding Te Reo Māori, and a desire to create beautiful paintings, has helped Maryanne form a deep spiritual connection to her artwork.

Through finding her place in the world as a Pākehā and being led through Kōrero Māori and mana whenua, this new perspective has guided Maryanne on how she paints and photographs.

An idea and a weird feeling is all Maryanne needs to capture ridiculous scenes in her head and articulate them onto canvas.

Mustard Fridays is a mini documentary series showcasing people in our local community doing awesome things. The impact they are making definitely cuts the mustard, so we are keen as mustard to share their stories.

Check out the Mustard Fridays Series here.

Filmed and edited by Jeremy Hill.

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