Matt Benton

Mustard Fridays Season Four.

Finding his musical grove at intermediate school, Matt Benton pursued a career in performance music and feel in love with the sax. Feeling inspired with his new found passion, Matt auditioned for the NZ School of Music and was accepted into their programme where he finished with quite an obscure degree in music, but the spark was never lost.

Fast forward to an opportunity to play some baritone sax for The Black Seeds next studio album, and the chance to hang up the paint brush, Matt delivered a worthy performance and was invited to collaborate with the band.

12 years on and still loving it, Matt and The Black Seeds are set to tour Australia with 6 gigs before a jam packed Summer schedule.

Mustard Fridays is a mini documentary series showcasing people in our local community doing awesome things. The impact they are making definitely cuts the mustard, so we are keen as mustard to share their stories.

Check out the Mustard Fridays Series here.

Filmed and edited by Jeremy Hill.


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