Trevor Hopkinson

Mustard Fridays Season Four.

After retiring, Trevor was surprised to find that his mental and physical health had declined considerably. After 9 months of struggle he decided it was time to find a new focus in life. Fuelled by a rekindled passion for technology and computers, Trevor Hopkinson purchased a 3D printer and began to make toys for his visiting grandchildren. This new hobby gave Trevor a new lease on life and stimulated a real improvement in his overall wellbeing.

Trevor’s new hobby gained real purpose when he stumbled upon a set of 3D plans for children’s prosthetic hands online.  After printing and constructing a number of prototypes, Trevor’s dream is that his modifications and design improvements will one day help children from all over the world.

Mustard Fridays is a mini documentary series showcasing people in our local community doing awesome things. The impact they are making definitely cuts the mustard, so we are keen as mustard to share their stories.

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Filmed and edited by Craig Jones and Will Ockhuysen.

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